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AlgaGen Live Feeds Program (LFP)

Where does your plankton come from? Is it fresh? Is it live? How does it get into your tank if you use artificial seawater? How can we keep plankton stocked if we are skimming and filtering 24/7?

Use Fresh, LIVE, plankton from the AlgaGen Live Feeds Program (coming to a Local Fish Store near you)!

AlgaGenPODS is the copePOD line we have established to get, live fresh, appropriate copePODS to market.  Every bottle is packed to order; we cannot inventory this product and still expect you to get fresh cultures.  There is a lot of work that goes into each bottle because we pack each bottle specifically for each individual order.  It is our sacrifice to get the freshest cultures, to you!

… and this is why  you should;

  • Plankton, both phyto- and zooplankton are critical to the health of a marine ecosystem.
  • Live phytoplankton absorbs carbon dioxide and excess nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals. It cleans water as it grows, as it grows it creates food for the tank.
  • Phyto uses the nutrients to produce Essential Fatty Acids. These fatty acids are critical to the survival of many marine animals.
  • Zooplankton eat the phytoplankton and inturn get eaten by numerous fish and corals. This is how the essential fatty acid nutrition produced by phytoplankton get into the food chain.

Live Feeds are the highest form of feeding possible. It provides the nutrition found in nature, it elicits natural feeding responses from your tank animals and contributes less to nutrient loading caused typically by feeding or over feeding. In addition, it will create a natural ecosystem in your tank that will make the tank ecosystem healthier and stronger.

PhytoPlankton: At best guess there are over 100,000 different types in the oceans. They all have different characteristics that make them unique and important. Some are red, brown, green, blue-green, etc, some swim, some glide others float. They all have different nutritional profiles. As mentioned before PhytoPlankton will consume waste nutrients such as nitrates, ammonia, phosphates and carbon dioxide in the water, which they turn into Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) that are critical to the marine food chain. AlgaGen cultures over 150 different strains and provides 3 different ones for use in the LFP. AlgaGen offers 3  different ones to allow for diversity. We chose these specific strains based on the importance of their nutritional make-up. PhytoPlankton should be fed in small amounts daily, turn off the skimmer for a few hours when doing so. We all ways caution, that when starting something new start off slowly and cautiously.

Rotifers: Rotifers form their own Phylum. From the phylum, Rotifera, AlgaGen offers Brachionus plicatilis(L-strain), Brachionus rotundiformis(s-strain). We offer either, both of which are great for breeding marine animals (fish, seahorses). Rotifers will feed numerous corals, larval animals as well as some adult fish. We consider the rotifer to be a gel-cap. What we mean is that a rotifer will swim around and eat small particles which it holds onto for up to 4 hours. After the 4 hours it has minimal nutrition left in its body, in other words, it is only as good as what it eats or has eaten recently. We recommend feeding them to your tank after you have added the PhytoPlankton-again turn off the skimmer for a few hours. Your corals and fish will love them. Build up slowly to frequent feeds but feed as frequently as your budget allows.

CopePODS: We offer a mixed culture of calanoids. The Calanoids are a pelagic, free swimming family of copePODS. This family has been noted by divers to swarm on reefs during the dawn/dusk hours and in such thick quantities that you “cannot see your hand in front of your face”. These copePODS are perfect for numerous fish and corals and can be fed as often as the budget allows. Turn off the skimmer.  We have gotten finicky anthias to feed by adding the copepods and once they start feeding we drop in pellet or dry flake which they rip up.

The AlgaGen LFP is unique because it brings the Live Feeds to you.  It does this by setting up and stocking your local  fish store with a system to hold, grow and distribute the live feeds  The feeds are supplied weekly to ensure freshness and quality. This method of delivery is radically different from ANY bottled product on he market. All that is left to do is one, decide to use the live feeds, and two, go into the local fish store and purchase it.

The Live Feeds Program (LFP) is the wave of the future for the marine hobby. It is an opportunity to get the highest quality feeds for your livestock. The “freshest” feeds mimic the real reef ecosystem. Hobbyists have reported great results…you will too.

If you represent a store, service company and are interested in the LFP please contact  If you want to talk to someone call 772-978-1395.