LIVE Aquarium Food Provide natural micro foods to the fish and corals in micro enviroments.


Phytoplankton Cultures Provide acess to our vast library of pathogen free cultures for your use.


Lab Growout Support Provide nutritional help at critical points in embryo development.


Nutraceuticals To better human and animal health.

About The Farm

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Farmers at heart, we cultivate a large variety microalgaes and copepods.

AlgaGen is a marine biotechnology company specializing in microalgae. Our vision is to produce hi-value by-products from microalgae and other marine organisms that benefit human and animal health. Over the past 15 years we have become a leader in the production of microalgae and have provided algal cultures as inoculum from test tube through large volume bulk to numerous, prestigious clients. Our algae is used by the professionals in the biofuels, nutraceutical, cosmaceutical, biomedical, oceanographic, aquarium, and aquaculture industries. AlgaGen is an active company with a production infrastructure that enables production on numerous levels of scale. Demand for our products ensures that we harvest and process microalgae 7 days a week. Our algae are grown under the most careful conditions in an environment that is responsible for some of the finest citrus in the world. Whether it is the Florida sun, the tropical air, the quality of both our ocean water and our freshwater aquifer, once thought by Ponce de Leon to extend life-we are not 100% sure, but the algae and other marine organisms we culture grow very well and exhibit extraordinarily healthful properties.

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We're all multi-taskers and ware several different hats (and boots) during the course of a day.

Our Team We are very proud of the individuals that work at AlgaGen. The experience set that makes up AlgaGen encompasses diversity and depth. Our team draws from a marine microbial ecology, chemical engineering, chromatography, sales, hatchery, chemistry, aquaculture and retail professions. We average 25 years of experience per individual.