LIVE Aquarium Food Provide natural micro foods to the fish and corals in micro enviroments.


Phytoplankton Cultures Provide acess to our vast library of pathogen free cultures for your use.


Lab Growout Support Provide nutritional help at critical points in embryo development.


Nutraceuticals To better human and animal health.


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The global consumption of seafood both from wild harvests as well as from sustainable production has increased dramatically over the past decades. The 2014 FAO State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report points out that aquaculture production and wild harvesting are increasing with the increase in human population. And that record numbers of fish were harvested and produced in the recent years. AlgaGen’s focus has been on sustainable, responsible production of aquacultured organisms. We do recognize that wild harvests can be sustainably managed as well but our focus is supporting aquaculture. Our role in this effort is to produce the finest live feeds available to support hatchery and larval production, research, and new species development.

AlgaGen’s forte has been the production of microalgae. We produce common aquaculture strains in addition to a vast array of unique strains. Our cultures are subjected to an ongoing effort to find the best production cells. Our cultures are repeatedly taken “outside”, grown, then brought back “inside”, spread on agar, without antibiotics, and cleaned. We believe that the cell lines we have are performers. We support the industry with cultures for starter, inoculum, and contract production.

In 2002 AlgaGen began collecting and assessing copepods for use in aquaculture. We now have one of the largest, if not the most diverse, collection of harpacticoid and calanoid copepods in the world. It is a privately funded collection but open to the public.

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We see copepods in 2 ways

  • The food for specific fish larvae. Without the copepod these fish would not be culturable
  • The means of increasing farm efficiencies; greater survivals caused by metamorphic constraints to increased tolerance of environmental stresses. Copepods can be purchased as a starter for in-house culture efforts, for a specific feeding period, or for an entire run.